A Good Leader?

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“A good leader is not someone who has an answer to everything; a good leader is someone who achieves results through a team effort” – Anonymous

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Leader or Manager?

A while ago a colleague of mine asked me the question “Do you consider your self to be a leader or a manager?”. Initially I responded that I thought myself to be a manager as an important aspect of my role is managing expectations, ideas and developments of an internal CRM system. However, a debate ensued as my colleague believed me to be more a leader than a manager and now I am not so sure which one I am!

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Google’s mantra of “Don’t Be Evil” is all well and good, but it doesn’t equate to “Always Be Good”!

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Marketers (and all human beings) are well trained to follow the leader. The natural instinct is to figure out what’s working for the competition and then try to outdo it – to be cheaper than your competitor who competes on price, or faster than the competitor who competes on speed.