Bob, the Breathing Observation Bubble

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Looking like something out of a James Bond movie the ‘BOB‘ is a personal underwater scooter which replaces scuba gear. The pilot sits on a seat under which ballast weights are secured, with their head inside a clear acrylic bubble which is filled with air from a storage tank. Apparently it provides a more comfortable underwater experience than breathing through a regulator. The training course can be completed in a few minutes. The craft is powered with a 35 pound thrust electric motor which providing a top speed of about 2.5 knots. The craft is navigated with a combination steering and instrument console which provides control and systems monitoring. Novices can master the controls in minutes. Shame you look like a twit riding one!

Breathing Observation Bubble

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    Where can I buy this scooter? Please give me a contact. Thank

  • Matthew Sams

    I would like to talk to someone about the BOB units to be used on our private island in the Bahamas.

    Can someone call me or e mail me? (954) 713 2727

  • vous pouvez passer par moi pour acquérir “BOB”. Le prix à l’unité est de 10320 €uro.+tva+transport

  • Dear sir.

    We have interest in purchase some units to Brazil.

    Would you mind give us the contact details.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Ricardo Wong.

  • Hi Everyone

    BOB’s are currently being manufactured inthe UK by the original inventor Andrew Sneath.

    Email info@hydrodome.com for more info or visit http://www.hydrodome.com.

  • Raul Burgos

    Agradezco la informacion que puedan suministrarme para la adquisicion de 10 unidades B.O.B (Presupuesto) y condiciones generales. Destino Caribe Venezolano. Gracias por la atencion prestada al presente.

  • ozarkdiver

    And what’s the game plan if it turns over?….or if the battery/motor dies at depth? Those few minutes of training aren’t going to help much when an untrained person is stuck 40-50 feet down in panic mode.

  • Paula

    SOOO true! A lot to think about! What safety record does it have, what safety features are installed… Who backs it up?