CFEclipse Keyboard Shortcuts

by Simon. Average Reading Time: about 2 minutes.

CFEclipse is a community project that builds on the open-source Eclipse framework to deliver expert, code-centric developers a new option for ColdFusion development. CFEclipse provides Eclipse with an outline view, a CFC (ColdFusion component) view, code completion (code hinting), syntax highlighting text editors for CFML and CFC files, and many more ColdFusion-specific features.

Eclipse can be downloaded from http://www.eclipse.org and CFEclipse from http://www.cfeclipse.org.

One thing CFEclipse does not have is WYSIWYG ability. Its complete focus is on writing ColdFusion code (so-called hand coding) and building tools that help you write code. If you do a lot of visual or page-layout development, for instance, if you rely heavily on drag-and-drop tools, wizards, or the Design view in Macromedia Dreamweaver, CFEclipse may not be the tool for you.

However, to make your life easier when coding, below is a list of keyboard shortcuts that make common tasks available in a couple of keystrokes:

Keys Description
Key Shortcuts
Ctrl+Shift+L Key Assist (dialog windows)
Alt+Shift+Q Show View
Ctrl+Shift+M ColdFusion Comment <!--- --->
Ctrl+Shift+C Context sensitive comment
Surround Selection
Ctrl+3 Pound/hash marks ##
Ctrl+’ Single quotes ''
Ctrl+Shift+” Double quotes ""
Ctrl+Shift+O <cfoutput></cfoutput>
Ctrl+Shift+D <cfdump var="##">
Ctrl+Shift+R <cfscript></cfscript>
Ctrl+Enter <br/>
Ctrl+Shift+Space &nbsp;
Ctrl+Shift+P <p></p>
Ctrl+I <em></em>
Ctrl+B <strong></strong>
Alt+Up or Alt+Down arrow Moves the current line up or down
Ctrl+Alt+Up or Ctrl+Alt+Down Duplicates line above/below current
Shift+Enter Insert line below current line
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Insert line above current line
Ctrl+D Deletes current line
Ctrl+Delete Delete next word
Ctrl+Backspace Delete previous word
Ctrl+Shift+Delete Delete to end of line
Function Keys
F1 Tag/function reference at http://www.cfdocs.org
F5 Refresh browser view
F8 Scribble pad
Ctrl+F3 Surround with ##
Ctrl+F5 Reload dictionaries
Ctrl+F6 Switch editor
Ctrl+F7 Switch view
Ctrl+F8 Switch perspective
Search / Find
Ctrl+H Search
Ctrl+F Find
Ctrl+K Find next
Ctrl+Shift+K Find previous
F12 View current page in browser
Shift+F12 View current page in secondary browser
F5 Refresh internal browser
Shift+F5 View current page in internal browser
Ctrl+Shift+F5 View project root in internal browser
Windows / Navigation
Ctrl+Shift+R Opens the Open Resource (while in Navigator)
Ctrl+E List open files, then start typing the name
Ctrl+F6 Tab back through open files
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Tab forwards through open files
Ctrl+M Maximise/Minimse Current window
Tab Indent code
Shift+Tab Un-indent code
Ctrl+L Goto line number
Ctrl+Q Repeat last tag
Ctrl+Shift+Z Insert Color

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  • The keyboard shortcuts are great for win boxes. Instead of Ctrl use the Cmd key for mac.

  • Tom Butler

    This just helped me out immensely, thank you!

  • Joe Genshlea

    On OS X I discovered that if you press shift while closing a tag the close tag will auto-complete…sorry if that is already in the list…i didn’t see it.