ColdFusion Development Tools

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  • ColdFusion Studio, the original ColdFusion IDE, based on Allaire‚Äôs HomeSite and subsequently replaced by Dreamweaver and Homesite+ after the Macromedia takeover.
  • Macromedia Homesite
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver, WYSIWYG & code editor.
  • CFEclipse, a ColdFusion plugin for the Eclipse IDE.

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CFEclipse Keyboard Shortcuts

CFEclipse is a community project that builds on the open-source Eclipse framework to deliver expert, code-centric developers a new option for ColdFusion development. CFEclipse provides Eclipse with an outline view, a CFC (ColdFusion component) view, code completion (code hinting), syntax highlighting text editors for CFML and CFC files, and many more ColdFusion-specific features.

Web Standards Project Expands Collaboration with Adobe

The Web Standards Project (WaSP) is to expand its scope of collaboration with Adobe to advance web standards. Having successfully completed its initial goals for assisting Adobe’s Dreamweaver team in supporting Web standards, the Web Standards Project’s Dreamweaver Task Force will be renamed the Adobe Task Force to reflect its widened scope. The Adobe Task Force will collaborate with Adobe on all of the company’s products that output code or content to the Web, and will continue to advocate compliance with Web Standards and accessibility guidelines by those who use Adobe’s products to design and build Web sites and applications.