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The demand for timely, relevant content that is specific to our unique interests and perspectives has given rise to a new generation of tools that aim to help individuals and companies create content and deliver it in a meaningful way.

Here’s is a list of tools and services available, which help you create and integrate content. If I’ve missed any obvious ones, or indeed obscure ones, please feel free to leave a comment.

  • Context Optional is best for marketers with multiple team members, brands or geographies, this platform helps develop applications for Facebook and Twitter communities and monitor and analyse the conversations taking place on these platforms.
  • Crowd Factory’s Social Campaign lets you embed social elements into any marketing experience including videos, emails, ads and more.
  • ePrize allows you to create promotions specifically tailored to your social media channels.
  • Involver Applications, the creator of the popular “Get Satisfaction” website, Involver provides applications that allow you to easily add polls, RSS feeds, quizzes, music, contests and more to your Facebook or Twitter pages.
  • KickApps is a self-service website that allows you to develop and manage social content such as branded communities, widgets, 3rd party plug-ins and social applications.
  • Lithium Community Platform can be used to create a social community on your website that provides a place for your brand advocates to converse, tools to spread the word about your product through social channels and generate ideas for innovation.
  • North Social can be used to enhance your Facebook page by creating custom applications that allow your brand to do things such as integrate with Google Maps or Yelp, post HD videos, run sweepstakes and more.
  • Sprout (not to be confused with Sprout Social) is a cloud based service which creates interactive ads and applications perfect for bringing social content to the web and mobile devices.
  • Storify is a tool that lets you collect photos, videos, tweets and other social media content to create a single, integrated story that you can embed anywhere.
  • Wildfire Interactive is a web application that helps you to integrate your traditional promotions such as sweepstakes, contests and giveaways with interactive sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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