Cosmic Motors from Daniel Simon

by Simon. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

Daniel Simon is an automotive futurist. He’s interned with Lamborghini and worked on concept cars for Volkswagen and Bugatti. But the auto industry — indeed, the galaxy — could not contain his imagination.

Cosmic Motors is a must-have book for car fans, designers and artists. Each chapter shows the styling process of a unique vehicle, from the first idea sketches, the stunningly detailed 3-dimensional models to the final photo-realistic full-spread renderings.

Most artist renderings of futuristic vehicles are so outlandish they verge on cartoonish. Simon avoids that trap by incorporating automotive and industrial touchstones — steering wheels, rivets, turbines — everyone can recognise. It feels like you could reach out and touch them.

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Images: © Daniel Simon

You can find out more on Simon’s Cosmic Motors website.

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