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Email Marketing Associations

Email is a crucial element of any communication strategy allowing efficient communication between companies and their subscriber base.

Send Out More Profitable Email Campaigns

The current economic climate means companies have been forced to rethink strategies they have relied on for a while, including those concerning email marketing; achieving a positive return on investment (ROI) on promotions is more critical than ever for growing business.

What Twitter’s Promoted Tweets Business Model Means to the Ecosystem

In early April, Twitter launched Promoted Tweets, combining paid and organic media. Brands can now advertise promoted tweets on search pages, however the community has power over which Tweets will appear measured by Twitter’s new metric called “resonance”, which factors in behaviours like the retweets, @mentions, #hashtags and avatar clicks. Brands can now purchase CPM based adverts to promote these popular tweets at the top of a Twitter search term — even in categories they aren’t well known in, influencing awareness.