Fusebox 5 Custom Dump and Abort Verbs

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I have been developing with Fusebox with ColdFusion for a long time now and recently I moved to version 5 (when I say recently, on closer reflection I started using 5 shortly after it was released in July 2006…wow its been that long!). A common feature that was found to be lacking was the dump and abort features, so useful in debugging applications.

Fortunately for me, a colleague, Iain Turbitt, decided to spend an evening after work developing two custom verbs to implement these two ColdFusion tags within the Fusebox framework. You can grab the two files by clicking on the following link:

Download Fusebox 5 Custom Dump and Abort Verbs

The Dump verb behaviour is similar to the tag: but includes an optional abort attribute e.g.:


The Abort verb behaves as per the tag, i.e. .

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