It's Always Six O'Clock

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Two Italians, Eva and Franco Mattes internationally known as 0100101110101101.org and self-styled net art pranksters and hacktivists have been besieging the art world with their clever hacks and elusive digital role-plays for more than ten years.

The two European con-artists use non-conventional communication tactics to obtain the largest visibility with minimal effort. Past works have included staging a hoax involving a completely made up artist, to ripping off the Holy See and spreading a computer virus!

In It’s Always Six O’Clock, the avatar portraits in their series Annoying Japanese Child Dinosaur are attacked by an army of toys, not the digital representations but the real deal this time. From Nintendo and Disney characters to G.I. Joe and Manga, and from medieval knights to Winnie the Pooh, they’re all performing in the theatre of pop culture. Somehow cute yet ruthlessly aggressive at times — Winnie the Pooh appears to be having his head split open — they dominate the exhibition space. In the process, fantasy and collective imagination are fusing into a dramatically charged form of ready-made sculpture.

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You can see more of their work on their website, 0100101110101101.org.

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