Playing Devils Advocate to Facebook

by Simon. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

In a clear attempt to play devils-advocate, “Facebook is designed to suck up all your free time so that you become a slave to ‘the network'”. What we have yet to see is Facebook drip-feeding that free time back to you at a premium; it will happen!

Now, that’s fantastic if you don’t actually ever want to meet or verbalise with your so-called-friends ever again! But what if you do? You’re trapped in the spiral of needing to update your profile, poke someone, tag a picture and all the other things you can do on the site.

Ironically I have a Facebook profile, but on the premise that I wanted to check out the cool functionality (afterall I am a web developer by trade; honestly that is the reason). I am vehemently resisting its lure, but the black-hole is a powerful thing, especially if you use it for networking.

One commentator said that for LinkedIn to survive it needs to be more like Facebook; No! For LinkedIn to survive it needs to differentiate itself from Facebook and stay in the professional arena. I don’t want my not-so-many chums on Facebook to see my fellow geeks on LinkedIn, for me they are two entirely different groups.

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