Privacy Statement

I do not set out to collect personal information from visitors to this website.

However, the website does use some software and third party services which have some privacy implications, and I wanted to set those out clearly for you, my readers.

Disqus Comments

I use the Disqus realtime commenting system to manage comments on my website.

When you leave a comment on the website, the WordPress publishing platform powering this website and Disqus captures your IP address.

You are able to submit an email address and web URL with any comment. These items are personally identifiable.

Your email address will not be published on the site, although I may use it to contact you directly about your comment. Your website URL, if you submit one, will be published on the site.

I use the rel="nofollow" attribute on links in comments. If you have posted a contribution to my site, your URL will not receive any search engine juice it derives from appearing on simonwhatley.co.uk. I do, however, reserve the right to change this policy.

Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics to measure the usage of simonwhatley.co.uk.

This does not provide me with personally identifiable data, but I can see, for example, which links people have followed to reach the site, which browsers and operating systems they used, which search terms they used and where they came came from geographically.

This data is collected using an anonymous traffic tracking cookie from Google.

Google’s full Privacy Policy can be found at http://www.google.com/privacy.html

Google Feedburner

The RSS feed for simonwhatley.co.uk is optimised using a service called FeedBurner, which is owned by Google. This allows me to see how many people are subscribed to my RSS feeds, using which readers, and which items are clicked upon. Again, the information is not personally identifiable.

The FeedBurner privacy policy can be found at http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/privacy