I come from an illustrious line of “Simons”, which perhaps started with a 1950’s personal computer, went via the first ever smartphone, made by IBM, and on to a popular 1980’s electronic game. Whilst all these objects share my name, that is where the comparison ends. I’m not a digital device, but I am passionate about technology, user experience and how technology drives, or is driven by, human behaviour.

I believe technology creates possibilities, whilst design finds solutions. Technology’s movement toward ubiquity and complexity is much like the evolution of life. We have to make sense of that evolution and design experiences to support our technological needs.

Over the past decade, I have been fortunate to work across a wide variety of industries and for a large number of clients. These have included Intel, Tizen, Samsung, Canonical, Virgin, Reedsmith LLP, the Care Quality Commission, HSBC, First Direct, Harveys’ Furniture, Mecca Bingo, Belron, the NHS National Innovation Centre and the National Maritime Museum, to name but a few.

Through these experiences, I’ve been able to develop a deep appreciation and understanding of the digital sphere. This has undoubtedly equipped me with the tools to create intuitive, human-centred technology and experiences that help people connect, communicate, collaborate and learn.

Outside work I have a number of passions: climbing, Golf, Formula 1 and building the odd robot or two. But none of those pastimes really compare to that of having a young son. Someone once joked, “it’s like having a real-world experiment in your life.”

In part they’re right! But jokes aside it’s more than that. Having a child brings a new meaning to life. Indeed it helps you frame your own experiences. It’s great to watch him discover all those firsts, whilst it becomes a challenge to remember all his lasts.