Pumpabike Human Hydrofoil

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Pumpabike In Use This human-powered hydrofoil is a cross between a jet ski and a pogo-stick. With no motors, engines or propellers, you simply jump up and down on the platform at the rear, whilst holding on a set of handle bars, a.k.a. a steering column at the front. The bouncing generates forward motion and lift to keep you out of the water due to two submerged hydrofoils. Providing that the hydrofoils are moving forward they will alternate between producing forward thrust and lift as the rider bounces. Sounds good? There is always a catch. If you stop bouncing you get wet! This doesn’t sound like too much of an issue, but if you’re dragging one of these contraptions behind you, to get back to shore and start again, it will feel like you’re doing your gold swimming medal or life guard exam. But then the contraption looks fun, so lets not put too much of a downer on it.

Here is a decent shot of it:


You can pick one of these up for about £500 … a playboy’s toy.

Head over to the makers website to get more info: http://www.pumpabike.co.uk/

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