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The current economic climate means companies have been forced to rethink strategies they have relied on for a while, including those concerning email marketing; achieving a positive return on investment (ROI) on promotions is more critical than ever for growing business.

Over the past few years, new digital platforms, such as social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, have emerged as potential pretenders to email marketing’s throne. However, the latter can still offer a more efficient means of promotion.

Do something different

About 90 percent of your customers won’t have clicked on one of your email links for more than three months. Why not use a different “from” field? Why not send out shorter emails, or several that build a particular story?

Don’t be boring

Our inboxes are full of bland, “plain vanilla”, one-size-fits-all email messages. Cut through the clutter with well written, interesting messages, rather than shouting discounts.

Be relevant

Segmentation these days is easy. Break down your customers into segments, for example “repeat customers”, “customers who bought X”, “customers who bought Y” and so on. Make the message relevant for each group and you’ll get better conversion rates as a direct result.


Personalisation is not simply address the email “Dear Simon”. How about different subject lines for different customer segments? “Treasures for the stocking”, “Shop Thanksgiving Time”, “‘Tis the season to be glamourous” is far better than “November Newsletter”; “Get knitted out” is far more interesting than “New pullovers” or “Email Subscriber Exclusive” and so on. What about different images based upon what the user bought before? Amazon does a great job with emailing recommendations for example.

The preview pane

You have mere seconds to convince people to open your email and read more. Use text, not images in the first few lines. This will give people just enough information to consider opening your message and clicking through to your website. Of course the latter depends largely on the quality of the offer or content.

If this is your first foray into email marketing, set the bar really, really low. Nobody can jump right in and send weekly emails. Writers block, procrastination, and fear usually prevent most people from sending very frequent emails.

There are a few tools out there that can help you set up and track your campaigns:

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