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A Minor Rant About The ColdFusion 8 Developer Exam
The Adobe ColdFusion 8 Developer Exam arrived earlier this year and it is about time I took it. But like Ben Nadel, the exam scares me! Why? Because there is so much more to know. With the introduction of new AJAX tags, native JSON support, .NET integration, image manipulation, threading, interfaces, not to mention full PDF integration, the presentation builder and across the board enhancements, there are a lot of new things to know. Read more – ‘A Minor Rant About The ColdFusion 8 Developer Exam’.
ColdFusion Developer Required – Sweatshop.co.uk – Leading Specialist Running Retailer
Sweatshop is the leading specialist running retailer in the UK with 29 stores and 6 websites. We organise 2 of the largest road races in the UK and have been in business since 1971. Over the next 18 months Sweatshop is looking to dramatically develop its websites, road races and retail operation. We are looking for key personnel to take the business forward as we intend to treble the size of the company in the next 5 years. Read more – ‘ColdFusion Developer Required – Sweatshop.co.uk – Leading Specialist Running Retailer’.
I've Only Been Published!
Sys-con Media. You either love them or you hate them, but last week I had one of my articles published by the venerable sage of the digital age. Read more – ‘I've Only Been Published!’.
Java Developer's Journal 2006
The world’s premier independent, vendor-neutral print resource for the ever-expanding international community of Internet technology professionals using the Java programming language and the Java development platform, has just completed volume 11. Read more – ‘Java Developer's Journal 2006’.
Firefox Extensions for Web Developers
By itself, Firefox is a lean and fast browser, but lacks many functions useful to a Web Developer. This is where extensions come to the rescue. Web Developers use a host of Firefox extensions to increase their efficiency. I have included a list of my most used extensions. All of these plugins are great for developing and bug testing web sites within the Firefox browser environment. Read more – ‘Firefox Extensions for Web Developers’.