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Mobile Payment Users on the Rise Says Gartner
Research from Gartner says that this year will see more than $171.5 billion in mobile payment transactions — a rise of over 60 percent on 2011′s $105.9 billion — with 212.2 million people (up 32 percent from 160.5 million in 2011) using some form of mobile payment service. And what’s fueling the rise? Despite the rise of smartphones, it’s legacy-based services like SMS and web-based transactions. Read more – ‘Mobile Payment Users on the Rise Says Gartner’.
Final Wooden House, Japan by Sou Fujimoto
The Final Wooden House by Sou Fujimoto must be the epitome of good environmental design, but at the same time it is amazingly impractical unless you’re a Hobbit and live in The Shire! Read more – ‘Final Wooden House, Japan by Sou Fujimoto’.