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ColdFusion Becomes a Teenager
Today ColdFusion moved into the next stage of its life and became a teenager, hopefully not a precocious one! Read more – ‘ColdFusion Becomes a Teenager’.
A Minor Rant About The ColdFusion 8 Developer Exam
The Adobe ColdFusion 8 Developer Exam arrived earlier this year and it is about time I took it. But like Ben Nadel, the exam scares me! Why? Because there is so much more to know. With the introduction of new AJAX tags, native JSON support, .NET integration, image manipulation, threading, interfaces, not to mention full PDF integration, the presentation builder and across the board enhancements, there are a lot of new things to know. Read more – ‘A Minor Rant About The ColdFusion 8 Developer Exam’.
isDefined() vs structKeyExists()
I recently taught a Fast Track to ColdFusion 7 course and what struck me was the liberal use of the isDefined() function throughout the course material. Now, I confess, I have used the function many times in the past, but now more commonly use the structKeyExists() function. So why does Macromedia and now Adobe, still highlight the isDefined() function when, in my opinion, structKeyExists() is more efficient? Read more – ‘isDefined() vs structKeyExists()’.
Resetting a Lost ColdFusion Password
I'm a ColdFusion freelance developer and as can often happen, I end up using a spare machine sitting in the corner of a room. Being relegated to the "dunce's corner" is bad enough, but commonly the ColdFusion password has also been forgotten. This happened to me just the other day. So, how do we go about resetting the password? Read more – ‘Resetting a Lost ColdFusion Password’.
ColdFusion Development Tools
Here I provide a list of ColdFusion development tools. Read more – ‘ColdFusion Development Tools’.