The Adobe Updater

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An error message you never want to see showed up on the Adobe Updater:

The Adobe Update must update itself before it can check for updates. Would you like to update the Adobe Updater now?

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So what is the big deal?

  • My head hurts.

  • barry.b

    Adobe gets more like Mircrosoft every day ….

    … now they’re making software that wants to climb up it’s own bum!

  • Clearly Adobe are employing numpties since the alert message is even more bizarre on the mac:

    “Adobe Update Manager could not close Safari, Adobe Acrobat, or Adobe Reader. Adobe Update Manager requires Safari, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader to be closed before it can install the selected updates. If you are running Safari, Adobe Acrobat, or Adobe Reader, please close those applications and then click on Continue to install the selected updates. You may also press Cancel to install the selected updates at a later time.”


  • There is a whole website dedicated to Adobe madness: