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Since getting the new iPhone 3G I’ve been downloading ‘useful’ applications like there was no tomorrow. I now have the very useful Vicinity app, various social networking apps and the best of all, a Light Sabre.

But there was something missing in my toolset; a WordPress app. Typepad have long since had one, so it was about time my favourite blog platform upped the ante!

Well, I’m glad to say, as of today an app has finally reached the Apple App Store that allows me to write posts: thank you Automattic.

In fact, just for good measure, this blog post has been written from the app.

The interface is intuitive and easy to use, although it does lack admin features, which for some may be a concern.

I’m sure I’ll get RSI if I continually blog via my iPhone, but for those moments when I’m caught away from a computer and desparately want to offer my 10 pence worth to the blogosphere, it’s a good tool to have.

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