Tools to Help You Manage Your Twitter Account

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If you identified Twitter as the area of focus of your social media efforts, you should select a monitoring tool that’s strong in Twitter. If you want to track conversations in multiple languages, look for that capability.

So, what tools are available? Here are a few tools that’ll help you manage your Twitter account:

  • Backtweets, a tool dedicated solely to Twitter, provides reach and impressions stats, alerts you whenever someone tweets a link to your website, identifies influencers and integrates with Google Analytics to see how Twitter activity is affecting your website traffic.
  • BrandChirp is a service, which makes it easy to find the people you should be following. You can search for new followers by location, who they are following and keywords that they have recently tweeted about.
  • ManageFlitter is a service that makes it easy to manage your followers and remove those that are no longer relevant or tweeting.
  • Mentionmap is a visual tool that maps out your Twitter network so you can see who you interact with most and what they’re saying. It’s a cool tool to find relevant people to follow.
  • Proxlet is used to filter the relevant stuff on Twitter. When you’re being bombarded by a few overly enthusiastic friends or by chatter about a conference you aren’t attending, Proxlet allows you to mute users, filter tags, or block apps to cut out the noise. The best part? It works with other Twitter applications like TweetDeck.
  • Qwerly, “People Search for the Social Web”, lets you search for people in order to help you get a feel of their social presence. They also have a cool feature that allows you to add in the contact details of everyone you are following.
  • Salesforce for Twitter is a web-based CRM tool is now allowing existing customers to pull tweets from their Twitter account into the tool, making it possible to assign leads and monitor activity as you would with other contacts in the database.
  • SocialOomph allows you to automatically follow those who follow you, send direct messages automatically to new followers. Though this is essentially a Twitter tool, the professional edition handles Facebook as well.
  • Sulia, formerly TLists, allows you to search public Twitter Lists, but the stats that accompany the lists are great and allow you to see how often the list pushes tweets and what they’re talking about.
  • Twaitter lets you schedule tweets, set recurring tweets, create and manage your “tweet calendar” and even translate tweets, all from its web interface.

If I’ve missed any obvious ones, or indeed obscure ones, please feel free to leave a comment.

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