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Whether you love it or you hate it, LinkedIn for Groups now has the UK Adobe User Groups for ColdFusion, Flex and Flash.

The ColdFusion, Flex and Flash User Groups represent a central information resource for all UK Adobe developers. With the increasing importance of Rich Internet Applications, Rapid Application Development, the popularity Adobe software and industry recognition of the ColdFusion, Flex, Flash and AIR products, these user groups assist developers in defining their role within the Adobe and wider community. These groups aim to provide information resources and a chance to meet fellow developers and network within the community.

To join the groups and start networking, simply click on the appropriate link below:

UK ColdFusion User Group:


UK Flex User Group:


UK Flash User Group:


The Flex and Flash User Group websites are still being designed/developed, but you can email them at

info [at] ukfxug [dot] org

info [at] ukflug [dot] org

respectively with ideas on what you would like to see on each site.

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