Web Standards Project Expands Collaboration with Adobe

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The Web Standards Project (WaSP) is to expand its scope of collaboration with Adobe to advance web standards. Having successfully completed its initial goals for assisting Adobe’s Dreamweaver team in supporting Web standards, the Web Standards Project’s Dreamweaver Task Force will be renamed the Adobe Task Force to reflect its widened scope. The Adobe Task Force will collaborate with Adobe on all of the company’s products that output code or content to the Web, and will continue to advocate compliance with Web Standards and accessibility guidelines by those who use Adobe’s products to design and build Web sites and applications.

You can read the full press release on the Web Standards Project website.

Widening the collaboration between standards experts, who are also product experts, and Adobe is an exciting step forward in the maturation of the Web. This will hopefully lead to full standards support in not only Adobe-based products such as Dreamweaver and AIR, but leading browser and web editor suppliers such as Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple.

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