The Leader’s Journey

Transforming your leadership to achieve the extraordinary

by Donna Lichaw

No one gives you a manual for how to be a great leader. Enter Donna Lichaw. Her step-by-step book draws on psychology, neuroscience, design thinking, and years of coaching experience to help you activate your superpowers and achieve your mission. You’ll transform yourself, your team, and your business into a league of superheroes poised for success.

Follow Donna’s blueprint to:

  • figure out your core story of who you are as a leader
  • identify your superpowers and use them for good
  • map your mission as a leader in order to achieve your goals and make an impact
  • develop your strategic roadmap by thinking like a storyteller
  • learn how to handle tough decisions and move forward with purpose
  • transform your fears from impediments to assets
  • engage your superfriends, allies, and even your supervillains so that you can all be super together
  • reflect back on your journey and build energy for your next mission

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