3 simple (but effective) pieces of advice for anyone starting out in service design

Have you ever wondered what separates successful service designers from those who stumble?

If you’re starting out in service design, here are three simple yet effective pieces of advice:

The heart of service design is understanding the people who will use the service. Spend time with your users, listen to their needs, observe their behaviours, and immerse yourself in their world. This will allow you to design services that truly resonate with them.

Service design is not about creating a perfect solution on the first attempt. Instead, it’s about prototyping potential solutions quickly, testing them in real-world settings, gathering feedback, and iterating based on that feedback.

This approach reduces the risk of investing time and resources into a solution that might not work. Think of your designs as hypotheses to be tested, and be ready to adjust based on what you learn.

Service design often involves weaving together touchpoints across digital and physical realms, requiring input from various disciplines. Foster a culture of collaboration where team members from different backgrounds can contribute their expertise.

Lastly, always stay curious. The field of service design is evolving, and the best practitioners continuously learn, adapt, and seek out new methods and tools to improve their craft.

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